Family Matters, Part II (Arabic)

This webinar will help you learn more about living in Canada and will help you and your family settle in Ontario. This webinar on Family Matters consists of two parts: part 1 talks about the impact of settling in a new country; part 2 addresses culture shock and the experience of refugees as they settle in Canada.
Moving to a new country can be a stressful time and it takes time to settle into a new community. This webinar will address the impact this may have on you and your family members as you adjust to how things work in Canada. Canadians value their family life and you will learn about the diversity of families and family roles in Canada.
When settling in a new country, immigrants and refugees will experience culture shock because they are in a new environment, may have to learn a new language, are looking for a job and also feeling homesick. This webinar will outline some of the ways that you can overcome culture shock and settle more easily. You will learn some coping techniques and how to look out for signs of trauma if you have left dangerous circumstances.
At the end, there will be a list of available resources that you can seek out if you need assistance.
The purpose of this information is to help you make informed choices and to provide you with the appropriate supports, if needed.